Wallen Concreting is a family owned and operated business that strives to deliver a top quality job every time. We work with clients to achieve the look they are after and to fit their budget.

Coloured, exposed and concrete finished for grinding are hot new trends for patios, concrete floors, stairs, entranceways, pool decks and more. From expansive new homes with elaborate concrete driveways to budgeted one-room remodels showcasing a stunning concrete floor, the attraction is continuing to grow when it comes to using concrete for decorating. Concrete is no longer plain, grey and boring, it is now thought of as a beautiful decorative element.

Today's homeowners, builders, and designers recognize the value in using concrete in their designs and plans. Decorative concrete transforms traditional grey concrete into something practical and cost effective when building and renovating.

Wallen Concreting can organise your job from start to finish and work in with other reputable subcontractors to complete the work required.

We can complete your job using:

• Exposed Concrete
• Coloured Concrete
• Ordinary Concrete
• Concrete finished for Grinding

We can transform your old cracked driveway into a new fabulous entrance to your property. We can make over your old patio area and turn it into an entertainers dream. We can pour your house floor for your new dream home. We can concrete around your new swimming pool helping you turn it into your own private tropical oasis.

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Different Types of Concrete Finishes :

Ordinary Concrete is standard concrete with no oxide added. It is a durable surface that will add value to any property and last for many years to come. Can be broom finished or trowel finished.

Coloured Concrete is standard concrete with oxide added. There are many different oxides that can be used to suit any area or colour scheme. Coloured concrete can be broom finished or trowel finished. You can enhance your coloured concrete by adding decorative cuts, grouting and sealing the area.

Exposed Concrete is a specialised finish where the 20mm crushed aggregate is substituted with pebbles or fine stones and sometimes shell. Once the concrete is on the ground and tidy, a concrete retarder is sprayed over the surface and the concrete is left for a few hours to cure. The concrete contractor will then return and wash the surface off the concrete to expose the particular stones/pebbles which makes up the concrete mix. The concrete is then left for a few days to cure. The contractor will then return and acid wash (clean) the cement residue off the surface of the exposed concrete leaving a more even colour. This type of concrete can be sealed for a wet look finish if desired.

Concrete Finished for Grinding is now becoming more and more popular. Whether it be part of the design of the interior of your new home or your outdoor patio area. The concrete can be coloured or ordinary and is trowel finished and left to cure. Once cured, a specialist concrete grinder will come in and grind the surface off the concrete, exposing the shapes of the stones below, then polish it to give it a smooth glossy finish.

Exposed Concrete Driveway - Before

Exposed Concrete Driveway - Before

Exposed concrete driveway

Exposed concrete driveway

Coloured Concrete, Sahara with Decorative Cuts

Coloured Concrete, Sahara with Decorative Cuts

Exposed Concrete Driveway - After

Brooke Pebble Exposed Concrete Driveway

Concrete Stairs

Exposed Concrete Patio

Ordinary concrete with decorative cutting

Exposed Alpine Pebble with no Oxide

Wallen Concreting New Pavement

Exposed Tuscan Pebble with 5kg Black oxide Runciman

Wallen Concreting New Driveway

11mm Ordinary Concrete Exposed with 5kg black oxide Karaka

Wallen Concreting New Driveway Section

Ordinary concrete vehicle crossing using jointing tool for expansion joints

Driveway Concrete Set

Sunset Exposed pebble with 5kg black oxide Karaka Harbourside

Fresh Concrete Setting

11mm Exposed path and step with 5kg black oxide and shell - Manurewa

Airal Shot of House Concreting

Exposed and Liquorice oxide driveway around house concrete swail drains on edge of drive -Clevedon

Concreting Setting Front Door

Decorative Ordinary concrete boarder with exposed concrete 5kg black inside and around it - Karaka

Long Driveway New Concrete

Ordinary Concrete Driveway

New Concreting Surface

11mm Ordinary Exposed Driveway with 5kg black oxide

New Build House with Concrete by Wallen

Ordinary residential driveway Pukekohe

New front Section of House Concreted by Wallen

Ordinary concrete with 5kg black oxide Whitianga

New Concrete long Driveway to House

11mm Ordinary Exposed with 5kg black and shell concrete under court area as well Patumahoe

New Concrete around Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Surround with 5kg black acidwashed - Kingseat

Concrete laid for new house near front

Ordinary Concrete Trowel finish with 5kg black oxide Waiuku

Concreting junction Driveway Opening

Ordinary Concrete with boxed out planter areas to define path from parking areas

Concreting for house with tree

Ordinary Concrete with Terracotta Oxide Mangawhai